Founded in 1989, the company began operating in welding (BTH TECH distributor). Over the years, it has increased its product range to include mechanical fastenings for sheet metal.

Our Italian-based production guarantees high quality standards and reliable sales service.


  1. We understand the market, address customer demands personally and support any production needs.
  2. We guarantee customers top reliability and product quality.
  3. We offer effective post-sales technical assistance.
  4. We give top consulting for choosing the right fastening system.
  5. We can respond to any requests and offer fast, prompt service.
  6. We have a lightweight structure that is separate from production. This guarantees quick turnaround time.






BRAGLIA EQUIPMENT srl • viale Legioni Romane, 7/9 • 20147 Milano • tel. 02/48712676 • fax 02/48715898

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